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Why procreations designs?

In the UK, the greeting card industry is worth some £1.6billion. This means that many cards are made and sold by many hundreds of card companies, and competition is stiff. Which leads me to why I set up procreations designs - to offer something different from the hundreds of 'me too', same old, same old cards. If you want something that isn't hackneyed, at a reasonable price, then you will like procreations designs as they are unique and like no other.


How did it start?

Designing started as a hobby. Encouragement from a friend led to my first commercial order. Since that first order, I have come a long way from the crude designs I first made (I still have samples to remind me), learning that if you supply retailers, your stock needs to be - and look - professional. I have that down to a fine art form now, with many long-standing retail customers.


Why buy from me?

I have a style that is my own and commercial enough to sell to independent shops. So, what is unique about my cards? They really are different. They are my own designs. I don't copy anyone and though hand made/produced they are contemporary in design and finished to the highest standards. I use a range of techniques - stamping, illustration, printing, painting - and materials, with subtle details that surprise.


Ethical and 100% British

I run my business ethically, from buying from British suppliers and right down to working in partnership with the retailers I supply. My suppliers are all UK-based, British companies and I buy card and envelopes (sustainably sourced), cello bags and other materials from them. For my customers, no contracts to sign, flexibility on my part and no pushy selling.  Please get in touch for trade prices, Ts and Cs.